About AP Advantage

AP Advantage provides retail agents and brokers the benefits of specialty experience combined with exceptional customer service, on a national basis. We pride ourselves on having the experience, market resources, resourcefulness and attention to detail to satisfy our customer's needs. We recognize you have many market access choices. Think of us as the wholesale agency on your team for your small and mid-size business. We can handle everything from main-street accounts to complex and hard-to-place risks.

Our Advantage teams are organized by discipline:


Why work with us?

We understand that busy insurance agents and brokers deserve impeccable client service and, we are here to deliver.


Here’s what we offer:


Problem Solving - We can solve any problem across the professional liability and P&C spectrum.
Focus - Our experts devote 100% of their time to professional liability and property & casualty risks.
Choice - With our broad carrier access, we can provide multiple quotes for almost any risk.

Determination – Sometimes nothing less than our persistence is what it takes to get the risk placed.

Service - No matter how small your account is, you get consistently exceptional service.


AP Advantage is a division of Chamber Insurance Agency Services LLC.  We are a fully licensed surplus lines broker, able to handle surplus lines filings for all placements in all states.



Note to Insureds

If you are an insured seeking coverage, please note we only accept business through qualified insurance agents.  Please have your local insurance agent contact us.  If you need a referral to an agent in your area, feel free to contact us for assistance.


Note to our customers regarding Preferred Advantage

AP Advantage was formerly known as Preferred Advantage.


Contact us today to explore the benefits of AP Advantage.  Submissions can be sent to submissionsCT@apadvantage1.com or any AP Advantage broker.