Client Expectations

Don’t Take It From Us. Take It From Our Customers!
If you want to know what to expect from us, just ask our customers. While others wax poetic about dedication and passion, we make ourselves accountable by asking our clients what they think.

We analyze our survey results to ensure that we maintain our strengths and identify our weaknesses so we can continue what’s working, change what’s not, and make our service the best it can be.

Here are some of our best ratings:

    • 100 % of our customers say that they will use AP Advantage again.
    •   99 % give us an overall rating of Excellent or Above Average.
    •   95 % rate us Excellent or Above Average on our knowledge of the insurance market,insurance products and our client’s industry.
    •   94 % rate us Excellent or Above Average for our timeliness of phone calls, e-mails, quotes and binders.


Here’s what some of our customers are saying:

    • About Titania Levy - “I can honestly say that I have received nothing but the best service from Titania Levy.  She has went above and beyond for me and that’s to be commended.”
    • About Shay Lynn Ruzbasan - “Shay Lynn is a very knowledgeable underwriter, and sometimes it is not price what you are selling but quality.  With her guidance we are certain that we can offer our clients an insurance policy that would respond as presented to our clients.”
    • About Kate Beckius- “We love the very quick responses to our emails.”
    • About Ron Majkowski – “I have been dealing with Ron Majkowski for many years and he is always very professional and get the job done!”
    • About Lynn Hydock - “Lots of wholesalers treat you like an accord form.  Lynn has been very good to me, working with me and making sure I am taken care of.”